Tepsivo Platform

World’s first digital platform to manage the entire pharmacovigilance system

It is time to cut out the all-too present administrative work across all pharmacovigilance tasks and once and for all transform Pharmacovigilance to a modern-day industry with unique pharmacovigilance software

You can finally forget about things like trackers, logs, reports, audit trail, etc. that cost you valuable time and resources

Gone are the days of the endless communication with project managers having to investigate your own data and collect compliance reports

No longer will you need to spend any time on boring, mundane tasks unworthy of life sciences experts’ time

At last, you can focus on what matters in PV internally, or you can purchase the most efficient end-to-end PV system & services in the world

Now is the time to change. Now is the time to truly innovate. Now is the time to adopt the Tepsivo Platform.

And if this sounds too dramatic for you, just have a look for yourself.

Integrated modules

Quality Management System

LCPPV / Local QPPV /
LSO Oversight platform

Streamlined safety reporting
& follow-up tool

PSUR Tracker

Signal Management Tracking Tool

Safety Data Exchange
Agreement Manegement

Automated audit trail of all actions

Compliance Tracker

End-to-end management of
PV Personell

Adverse Event Intake Tool

Literature Monitoring
Streamlined Management

Risk Management System Tracker

PSMF Management Solution

Automated PVA / SDEA
Partner Reconciliation

CAPA Management

Dashboard for customers

Full transparency. 100% Compliance & Inspection Readiness. Highest Quality.
Rapid speed. No admin overhead. Minimal cost.

All in one place. All in Tepsivo platform.

What can you expect?

All-encompassing central platform through which we deliver our pharmacovigilance services in the most efficient and highest quality way possible, cutting away admin work and reducing room for human error. Complete solution includes modules for the entire pharmacovigilance system. Let us implement it at full for you and you will see your FTE and costs drop by 50% and more, all the while increasing your compliance.


  • Cloud-based PV application
  • Pre-Validated
  • Accessible from your computer, phone, or tablet
  • Using automation tools
  • Has capacity to contain unlimited PV data
  • Tracks audit log
  • GDPR compliant
  • Very intuitive and easy to navigate
  • And more…



  • Substantial reduction of project FTE count
  • Highly cost efficient with lower amount of time spent
  • Eliminates redundant trackers and QC steps
  • Real-time access to all PV activities in your project
  • Automatically generated reports
  • Usable for a wide range of PV services
  • Increased quality of input PV data
  • Clear and concise dashboards for project data and statistics
  • And more…


These are just a few features and benefits of our solution. To understand the full extent of its capabilities, it is best if we have a chat.

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Why did we develop it?

Our experience in the PV services world led us arrive at the conclusion that currently accepted practices among PV providers don’t keep up with the year 2022. To put it simply, they are too slow, ineffective with redundant admin work and unnecessary paperwork (often literally), and too time consuming, resulting in a high total cost, and increasing likelihood of human errors.

It shouldn’t take several weeks or even months to set up your project. You don’t need expensive project plans that add no real value and are difficult to amend. You don’t need to wait every month for several different reports instead of accessing your data in real-time. Last but not least, you really shouldn’t overpay.

We can do better.
We should do better.

Our pharmacovigilance software Tepsivo Platform eliminates all unnecessary admin work with automated commands. It ensures high quality of input data such as AE reports (and others) with pre-defined and validated fields that make it harder to make human mistakes. You will have real-time access to all your data and on top of this, you can view dashboards with key summaries.

Tepsivo Platform is the key weapon in our quest to modernize Pharmacovigilance. And we continue to enhance it, going head first into tackling the ambitious goal of bringing PV into a modern-day industry and transforming it to a value-based field of healthcare.

Our thoughts on automation

We set up Tepsivo with a clear vision: to transform PV into a modern-day business. This will only be possible if we utilize the right tools and practices. Automation will undoubtedly play a major role in this and we can reach our ambitious goal if it is used correctly, and only then.

So far, we have been closely observing the development in automation among PV services providers and, frankly, we’re not happy. It is very trendy to speak about all the AI possibilities and reduction of manual labor but where are the results? Plain answer for now might just be that the technology is not there, yet. We may simply need to wait a little longer before we can process thousands of ICSRs with low manual labor and mundane and routine activities. While we wait, why not focus on what the modern technology can actually do today? That is what we do with our Tepsivo Platform.

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