About us

Our background is in the world of PV services providers.
Having been in the industry for some time, we realized we weren’t happy with how slow the industry has been to adapt to change.

Why has there been so much talk of automation yet very little actual implementation?

What is the justification for abundant administrative work and related fees?

Why would you need months
to set up a PV system?

Why is the service provision everywhere so inefficient when there are options for optimization?

These questions shouldn’t really be asked in 2023.

PV services should be changed and transformed into a business of today. We decided to do just that.

See how.

Quality. With no space for inefficiency.

Pharmacovigilance is a complex science and the myriad EU, US, or other national regulations are often difficult to navigate. That is why you need real experts and experts only.

We can guarantee that every part of our services is provided by qualified and thoroughly vetted PV professionals. Quality matters. And there’s no cutting corners here.

But there’s more to the story. We also recognize one very important thing: Pharmacovigilance is a cost to you. And by law, you’re simply duty-bound to do it. That means you have to pay. And no one ever likes to pay more than they have to. There is such a thing as a budget cap, after all. Our entire company and the way we work has been built around this thinking. The Tepsivo solutions are by design made to be cost efficient while adhering to the highest quality standards.

PV processes made simple

We see PV through the eyes of our customers, and it is this perception that led us build a truly unique and, most importantly, effective PV solution. In our home country in Finland, the word “tepsivä” stands for “effective” and it is an appropriate origin of our name.

So how do we pull this off? We focus on what matters and we eliminate all unnecessary. We don’t keep talking about automation, we actually utilize it. We like things simple. We like to be straightforward. And, we like to be quick.

See more on how we automate our work.

✓ Forget waiting for days on your quote

✓ Forget long weeks of contracting and setup time

✓ Forget unnecessary reports

✓ Forget vague and unneeded project management work

✓ Forget nonsense meetings

And, forget paying more than you should.


Dominik Hodbod


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Martti Ahtola


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Jan Chvojka


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