Quality Management System
and SOP Writing

Our set of processes is what makes us unique in the industry, especially among pharmacovigilance vendors. Contrary to everyone else, we’ve gone in the direction of writing very clear, concise, and streamlined processes that meet the legislative requirements in 100% with substantially reduced room for human error. Driven by automated tools at every step of the way, we’ve achieved the previously deemed impossible: highest quality and most cost-efficient solution in one.

A bold claim indeed, but perfectly achievable with the right mindset and correct motivation. Wherever we can, we strive to help reshape our industry into value-based healthcare, which means removing hundreds of redundant hours spent by expensive high-skilled people. Complete opposite to what has traditionally been the incentive of typical pharmacovigilance CROs and PV vendors who seek to charge out as many hours as possible.

Forget endless mundane tasks, and utilize a very light, technology-driven process that is simple to follow by all personnel involved.

You can now have it!

Just adopt our QMS managed through the Tepsivo Platform or individual SOPs that we can even help modify for you.

You can now finally have processes in place that allow your most junior pharmacovigilance staff to learn quickly and excel in their careers, and your most experienced PV experts to once and for all forget about boring administrative work and focus on what matters: science.

Learn more about what it means to run your global pharmacovigilance under the Tepsivo system: Global end-to-end Pharmacovigilance System.

If you have your PV people ready and you’re struggling with the process, just reach out and we’ll let you use our system, including the Tepsivo Platform and all its great PV modules and functionalities.

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