Pharmacovigilance consultancy

– Expert advisory services to comply with all MAH’s responsibilities –

Is PV consulting what you’re looking for?

Do you need some help navigating the fairly complex and often unclear waters of the pharmacovigilance world?

Good news! You have landed on the right website!

If you need to set up a pharmacovigilance system, have a look at what we can do for you with our global end-to-end pharmacovigilance system at Tepsivo.

Or do you first need a couple minutes on the phone to find out what your pharmacovigilance responsibilities may in fact be?

 Just take us up on our offer of a free 15-minute consultation and we’ll figure that out with you.

Why consult us?

In each part of the service that we deliver, and in any consultation and advice we provide, we are always completely transparent and honest.

We will tell you what your real pharmacovigilance obligations are and how you can meet them, at the lowest possible cost and with the best possible quality and 100% legal compliance.

Honest advice. That’s what’s been missing.

Unlike, sadly, too many other pharmacovigilance consulting companies, we won’t try to lead you into buying made up services that you don’t need.

In absolutely everything we do, we’re obsessed with efficiency, and it would go against our nature to ever advise on performing anything that you may not really need.

Even if that means less business for us.

Find out more about our philosophy and have a read through our blog where we critically comment on the current pharmacovigilance landscape.

Whether or not you will use our services in the end, feel free to have a chat with us.

Let’s have a chat

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